Volume 20 - Winter 2014

Harmony Is Energy In Balance

Harmony is a fitting tribute to Richmond’s diverse cultural mosaic and modern Asian vibe. Designed according to the principles of Feng Shui, it’s a focus of good energy for the surrounding community and provides a balanced living space for residents.

Townline hired internationally-renowned consultant Sherman Tai to create optimal Feng Shui for Harmony. Vancouver-based, he trained in Hong Kong and pursued an education in mechanical engineering in the USA. As a result he uses a math and science-based approach on his projects for high-profile corporate clients around the world.

Feng Shui: A Philosophy For Living

In Feng Shui, architecture and interior design meet the traditional Chinese philosophy about living in harmony with

your surroundings. Good Feng Shui creates more than a place that’s aesthetically pleasing and comfortable; it is also believed to increase the physical and mental health of those who live there, improving romantic relationships and career success.

The words translate to wind-water, and the concept is about encouraging the positive flow of chi or energy within a living or working environment. It begins with the deliberate orientation of a building site, using the concepts of yin and yang and polarity to establish the flow of good luck and good health. Taoist in its origins, it follows the principles of nature, and the sensible belief that the land itself and everything on it is alive with energy.

Feng Shui In Your Space

Art, science and belief all play a role in this complex discipline that can take a lifetime to master. But you can still use a few simple principles to let the good energy flow in your own home.

  • Water is vital, so introduce small fountains, aquariums, or bowls of water with floating candles.
  • Hang a wind chime on your patio or balcony.
  • If you work at home, keep your office (including laptop) out of the bedroom so romance can flourish.

At Harmony, we rotated the orientation of the building by 8 degrees in order to maximize feng shui

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