We’re Down to Earth

Since our very inception, Townline has believed that the most trustworthy people are authentic people. Relatable people. People who know where they come from, no matter how far they go.

So whether we’re building a thoughtful collection of rental homes or a luxury high-rise, we keep our feet on the ground, focused on the human stories that happen in the places we build – and the relationships that keep our reputation strong.

We reach for the sky. But we always stay down to earth.

We Think it Through

In community building, as in life, it’s essential to pause, consider, and think it through. To look at the whole picture. From the smallest detail that makes life run smoother to broad considerations of urban design, we are always curious. We think through every variable. We work toward best solutions. And we work steadfastly toward achieving the most optimal outcomes, for every stakeholder, now and in the future.

We Do the Right Thing

It’s relatively easy to work just for the bottom line. Doing what’s right for everyone – that’s more challenging. It’s also a lot more rewarding. Whether it’s creating space for interpersonal connections through social living spaces and programs, or helping to break down barriers by developing inclusive communities, every action is taken with the well-being of the whole community at heart. It’s a part of who we are.