Volume 32 - Winter 2020

Community Is A Conversation

And it begins with Customer Care


You can build flawless, market-leading homes. You can tell the story with a strong brand platform. You can sell them out in a targeted campaign to just the right buyers. But you haven’t truly succeeded as a developer until your new homeowners and tenants settle into their homes – satisfied, happy, and ready to begin their new lives. And it’s people – real, down-to-earth people – who will help new residents make the transition, and truly feel at home. This is why our culture of service is so important to us at Townline.

An essential part of The Townline Way is our commitment to customer service. For decades, we’ve been known to follow through on any inquiries about new homes – right to the finish. In our view, we absolutely have to get this piece right. It’s a big part of our promise, and our legacy. We are proud of what we have achieved on this front. And the story is best told by our customers themselves.

Neighbourhood Vibes in the Most Unexpected Places

When the right elements come together in a mixed-use building or master-planned community, magic happens. A thoughtful combination of residential options, amenities both public and private, can lead to organic connections between people. Residents share spaces (like dog runs and childcare), interests (like Pilates and PlayStation), and clubs (like walking and city cycling). And they become neighbours. This is our gold standard at Townline, and we’re so proud when it becomes a reality.

Managing Inspiration

Our building managers often act as catalysts and connectors for building this kind of layered and spontaneous community. In some cases, we’ve seen social groups rise up in Townline neighbourhood – around everything from boot camps to book clubs. And Townline is always exploring ways to curate programming throughout our rental buildings, making these connections even easier. Commercial tenants often connect on neighbourhood channels via social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, and coordinate their activities to complement the rolling calendar of the community.

Talking together. Moving in sync. This is what community is all about, and we’re so gratified to see it rising our neighbourhood.

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