Volume 35 - Summer 2022

With People at Heart: Sarah Chen Senior Sales Coordinator, Townline

“I get so much energy from being around people,” says Sarah Chen, Senior Sales Coordinator with Townline. “I genuinely enjoy hearing people’s stories and learning about their backgrounds.” Being a “people person” no doubt makes each workday fun. It also makes Sarah an excellent fit for her role. Sarah remembers faces easily. She develops rapport naturally. But more than that, she has an inherent instinct for people – what they need, and how to help them. “I connect with people sincerely because I have their best interests at heart. I’m here to be helpful and informative, but also a good listener,” says Sarah. And at Townline, that sincerity and integrity is what defines us. “We truly care what’s important to our customers. We are here to help guide one of the most important decisions in their lives,” she says.

Team Mentality

Sarah acts as a bridge of communication from Townline to customer, but also across all levels of the organization itself. “It’s very fulfilling to help ensure consistency, smooth operations, and positivity from sales team to head office, to prospects and purchasers,” she says.

“You know the expression ‘happy wife, happy life’? Here we say, ‘happy sales coordinator, happy life’,” she laughs.

That Sarah is instrumental to the seamless workflow of the entire team reflects and exemplifies the Townline mentality. “Townline is a family,” she says. “The collaborative nature of our work shows me how much can be accomplished when you trust and respect one another. No matter where I go, from site to head office, I feel that consistency.”

Built on a Name

“Because Townline builds high-quality homes, I can always be transparent, confident, and proud to be selling impeccable homes,” says Sarah. “People are wowed by the quality of our construction, and our attention to detail is really appreciated. It makes us stand out.”

At Forester, Townline’s recent townhome project on Burke Mountain, Sarah saw many referrals come in from new homeowners who had recommended these stunning homes to family and friends. “They were so happy to have found us!” says Sarah. “It makes me feel very proud to be part of a group that is really adding value for homeowners.”

“People are surprised at how warm and open our communications are,” she continues, “and how we develop relationships. One family with two young children was relocating from Alberta and had never lived in the area. We answered lots of questions, sent them photos, and chatted over FaceTime and text to help them feel comfortable. They were so grateful and thankful.”

Like Attracts Like

Interestingly, the people who are drawn to Townline often exhibit similar values as Townline itself. “Our customers are genuine and honest with their feelings and actions,” says Sarah. “They trust us to find the perfect home for them and their family, and their investment in the future.”

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