Volume 1 - Winter 2008

Winter Down To Earth Tips

If we can do something and we don’t, then we’re acting irresponsibly. Green Mail is Townline’s internal office strategy as part of the Down To Earth commitment to greening up the office on a day-to-day basis by reducing the use of office supplies, energy, etc. Here are last year’s holiday tips that we shared through Green Mail. Though the holidays are over, they are relevant throughout the year for gift giving of all kinds:

Give Green

  • Give gift cards. Gift cards, concert tickets, and movie vouchers are a great alternative to heavily packaged and wrapped presents.

Did you know that if 50 percent of households replaced just two packaged presents with gifts that could slide inside an envelope, fifty million pounds or more of waste could be saved?

  • Give clean air. Buy carbon credits to offset your carbon usage. One of many companies offering this:

Take your Down To Earth shopping bag

When heading out to do holiday shopping (or to buy groceries), bring your Townline re-usable Down to Earth bag instead of using more disposable plastic ones.

Easy Green Wrapping Tips

  • Don’t wrap your presents, use re-usable bags or baskets. If you must use wrapping paper, check to ensure that it contains recycled content.
  • Reduce waste by re-using big pieces of wrapping paper again next year. A scary waste thought…Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans produce an extra two billion pounds of garbage per week, the majority of which is from gift wrapping!

Statistic Source – The Green Book, 2007

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