Volume 1 - Winter 2008

Trepp Design Inc

by Susan Kerschbaumer

“Demographics and architecture are our jumping-off points,” says Scott Trepp of Trepp Design Inc. “There’s the potential purchaser and then there’s the architectural envelope – what’s inherent to the architecture and the area the project is in.”

The unique architectural characteristics of 540 Beatty and 1241 Homer led Trepp to create two very distinctive designs for the display suites. With 540’s exposed brick and concrete floors and ceilings, Trepp saw it as “a little bit more Crosstown, more edgy, more trendy.” In contrast, 1241’s architecture inspired a “classic, sophisticated, refined” treatment.

Trepp’s use of colour reflects this distinction. “With 540’s brick and concrete, we took a distinct approach with colouration,” he says.

This approach led to the choice of a bright orange sofa and hot accent walls. In 1241, the firm took a more monochromatic, subtle approach, using individual hits of fashion inspired hues.

With his firm’s impressive body of work on multifamily and high-end residential buildings, Trepp has plenty of advice to the homeowner looking for design inspiration. His first suggestion: throw out any preconceived ideas about how you lived in a previous home. “How you live in a space is dictated both by you and by the space itself,” he says. And he always suggests incorporating pieces with character. “The things we aren’t inspired by are the things that are lacking personality.”

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