Volume 18 - Spring 2013

Olive The Sense At The Hudson

One of the most fascinating new retailers to move into the Hudson is Olive The Senses (link to More than just a shop selling specialty oils and vinegars, this place is an

Education. Owners Steve and Emily Lycopolus can tell you things about olive oil that will astonish you. Feeding frenzy

Fresh Is Best

“Olive oil is like juice,” says Steve. “The fresher it is, the better.” And by “better,” he refers to both the flavour and the health benefits. When you buy olive oil, try to determine the harvest date; it has a short shelf life and should be consumed within a year. Because it’s a seasonal product, Steve and Emily work with producers in both hemispheres to keep a fresh supply of olive oil year round.

“About 81 per cent of the olive oil sold in North America is either rancid or refined with chemicals,” says Steve. You might have heard people say that you should never cook with olive oil on a high flame. If you’ve tried this, you might have noticed that it smokes easily. According to Steve, any smoke is a result of the chemicals burning, not the oil itself. “You can cook—even deep-fry—with all of our oils.” That’s because at Olive the Senses, olive oils are fresh and pure.

Perfect Packaging

When you’re choosing an olive oil, look for a brown or green glass or stainless steel bottle. Not plastic, and not those tins that when empty are so handy for growing your patio basil plants. And not clear glass either because light can cause the contents to spoil sooner. At Olive the Senses oils are bottled on site, by hand, only when you buy them.

Oil & Vinegar & More

Their product line includes olive oils infused with blood orange, lemon, lime, and even butter. They also have a collection of balsamic vinegars to complement their oils, as well as tasty temptations like preserves and spreads: black olive tapenade, cognac mustard, confit of figs and walnuts. The shop is a must-stop in Victoria for every serious gourmet and gourmand.

Victoria Public Market At The Hudson

The public market will be open in late summer —an excellent place to get the bread, salad ingredients and cheeses that will go so beautifully with your gorgeous new olive oils. For updates visit To learn more about Olive the Senses, visit them at www.olivethesenses. Com

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