Volume 16 - Fall 2012

Introducing: Harmony

It is always a pleasure to introduce a new community, and we’re especially excited to announce Harmony in central Richmond. Harmony, like its name, is all about balance. It’s where urban convenience meets suburban serenity. Where sophisticated high-rise architecture expresses traditional Yin and Yang principles. Where a tastefully appointed home is available at a competitive price. Designed with Feng Shui sensitivity, Harmony is also just a short walk from the Canada Line’s Brighouse Station.

Peaceful In The City

At 8288 Granville Avenue, Harmony’s location is ideally balanced between the convenience of Richmond Centre and the relaxation of nearby parks and recreation. Although Harmony is situated in a quiet, calm residential neighbourhood, it is still easy to pop over to local boutiques and restaurants. It’s also just steps from the Canada Line, making travel to Downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver International Airport, and other major Metro Vancouver destinations even easier than driving—without the endless search for a parking spot! Harmony has just the kind of balance that makes a neighbourhood the perfect place to live.

Yin And Yang Architecture

Harmony’s unique architecture is inspired by the Yin and Yang philosophy. These 119 high-rise homes are in an elegant tower that will definitely turn heads. Decorative panels on the exterior are inspired by Chinese paper cutting, reflecting light and giving the impression that the building shimmers in the wind. Designed with Feng Shui sensitivity, Harmony is set back from the street to enhance privacy, and offers views looking north to the mountains and south over the Pacific.

A Harmonious Spring

Harmony’s sales launch is planned for Spring 2013.

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