Volume 14 - Spring 2012

The Hudson Soon To Be Famous

When you start with a heritage structure as grand as downtown Victoria’s Hudson Bay building, and ask a team of brilliant architects and designers to transform it into luxury residences, the project is bound to create a stir. And the Hudson is indeed creating a stir—especially in interior design and real estate circles.

A Television Debut

We’ve always known The Hudson’s elegance was something special, and now the producers of CHEK TV agree it’s story-worthy. This historic building has been graciously transformed into glamorous apartment homes, where the heritage aesthetic of an earlier era evolves seamlessly into the style and convenience demanded by our modern lifestyles.

Design District Debut

Inspired by the Hudson’s transformation, Victoria’s own Design District has done such an exceptional job staging The Hudson’s penthouses that CHEK TV plans to feature The Hudson in the pilot episode of their new series. Definitely on-trend, the series focuses on interior design and real estate with a local spin. Watch for The Design District’s pilot this autumn to get a sneak peak at these remarkable penthouse homes—not to mention a dash of inspiration for your own living space. And if you can’t wait for the series, just contact Amy or Danisha of The Design District and ask about their ideas for doing up a penthouse of your own at

For more information on The Hudson, now 80% sold out, register at or call 250.388.0018.

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