Volume 6 - Spring 2010

The Hudson Community: Victoria’s Uptown District reborn

We’re big fans of Victoria’s Uptown District. It’s the home, of course, of The Hudson – our conversion of the iconic Hudson’s Bay building into history-making modern residences. But for us at Townline, The Hudson is just the beginning. We believe we can make an even bigger difference in reclaiming and redefining this part of downtown Victoria.

Our goal? A rejuvenation. Our strategy? Building a walkable neighbourhood with a variety of living, shopping and working options.

On the site of the old Hudson’s Bay parkade, we’re working on two new mixed-use developments: Hudson Place and Hudson Mews. Just north of The Hudson we’re developing Hudson Walk, a multi-family residential community with ground-floor shops and restaurants. The Hudson Community will be a friendly, neighbourly, walkable way of life – an exciting transformation of Uptown Victoria.

Kinetic. Fresh. Young. That’s Hudson Place.

Hudson Place’s two mixed-use buildings – one with 19 storeys, the other with 24 – will animate the entire community. Both buildings will consist of ground-floor commercial space with residences above. And both – with their pedestrian-oriented streetscapes – will promote a more social, more community-oriented lifestyle. Imminently walkable, Hudson Place will give its residents the freedom to stroll everywhere they want to go. Chinatown? Right outside the door. Inner Harbour? Just down the road. Theatres, restaurants, parks, grocery stores? All steps away.

Hudson Place will combine style and accessibility in Townline’s own distinct way. Visit to learn more.

An urban village in downtown Victoria. That’s Hudson Walk.

Townline is proud to partner with the Peterson Group to unveil the future of urban development right here in Victoria: Hudson Walk. A compact, mixed-use urban village offering everything for a modern lifestyle, all within walking distance. Hudson Walk will be a vital community encompassing living spaces, retail and restaurants.

Life at Hudson Walk will mean a higher quality of life – without the need of a car.

Walk to work; get your groceries on foot; take a stroll to the movies. From a bagel on the run to a lazy meal in a bistro, from a rock concert to a night of opera, from a bag of fresh vegetables to a tin of exotic Chinese tea, everything is right here and within easy reach.

Stretching along Caledonia Avenue from just east of Douglas all the way to Blanshard, Hudson Walk will add texture to the entire Uptown district. And for its residents, Hudson Walk will offer a lifestyle like none other. Quite simply, it’s just a better way to live. Visit for more.

Diversity. Accessibility. That’s the Hudson Mews.

It’s a trademark of every great community: diversity. There’s not a celebrated city in the world that doesn’t have it. And with the addition of the Hudson Mews, we’ll have it, too.

Sure, providing more affordable housing is, in itself, something we’re very excited about. But there’s a lot more to it than just that. By increasing the accessibility of Victoria’s Uptown District, we’re going to make it a whole lot more exciting for everyone. We’re creating an energy and vibrancy that just can’t exist in less multifaceted environments.

With 12 storeys and 120 homes, the Hudson Mews is one more way that we’re contributing to building healthy, vibrant, inclusive neighbourhoods complete with a wide range of residents, amenities and services.

The Hudson Mews is a proud partnership between BC Housing and TL Housing Solutions. To learn more about BC Housing, visit; or to learn more about TL Housing Solutions, go to

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