Volume 2 - Spring 2009

Townline Customer Service

by Susan Kerschbaumer

“Townline Customer Service has been fantastic – very fast and very thorough. If we needed something, we always had a response back in less than 24 hours.” – Pamela Hatch, proud Townline homeowner with husband Tyler and pup Maddie of a new townhome at Compass – and happy Customer Service Survey Winner

It’s pretty simple, really. At Townline, we believe in providing the absolute best. Take a look around one of our homes and you’ll see the evidence in plain view. Sleek appliances, wrap-around yards, our signature overhead garage-door-style window walls. It’s impressive stuff.

Of course, some of what we do is less obvious, but it’s just as important. Take our Customer Service Program. A home is a big investment. It’s our goal to make your experience as a Townline homeowner and investor as seamless as possible.

It’s a commitment that starts right away. As soon as you’ve purchased a Townline home, we want to be sure you’re happy. You’ll receive the first of three customer satisfaction surveys within a month of your purchase. Once you take possession, you’ll get the second. The third will follow a year after you move in.

And, it’s easy. Each survey is online and takes only 5 to 10 minutes. What’s more – each time you complete one you get a little something. In 2008, each completed survey was rewarded with 2 movie tickets, and a chance to win a $2,500 prize. Just don’t forget to include your mailing address at the end of each survey! Each of our surveys is geared toward ensuring that the process of buying and living in your Townline home is optimal. If it isn’t, we want to know. After all, that’s how we make things better.

Then there’s our Townline Homeowner Walkthrough. Before you take possession, we’ll take you on a full interior and exterior tour of your new home and fill you in on all the details that will let you to enjoy your home to the fullest. You’ll also receive your own copy of Townline Homeowner’s Manual – a treasure trove of information on everything from emergency procedures to appliance instructions to what’s around your neighbourhood. And, of course, all Townline homes are covered by a 2-5-10-year warranty program, so you can feel confident long after you move in.

Here’s what we believe: good customer service adds value to your home, and a satisfied homeowner adds value to our company.

Just ask Compass homeowner Pamela Hatch; not only is she (and her husband and dog) a happy and satisfied Townline Homeowner, she was 2008’s $2,500 survey grand prize winner.

Want to talk to Townline Customer Service?

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