Volume 7 - Summer 2010

The Wraps Come Off The Hudson

The veils have been removed from the exterior of The Hudson to reveal the painstakingly restored terra cotta façades. It took a team of artisans two years to complete this homage to a bygone era of decorative Georgian architecture. It’s a style that would be prohibitively expensive to do from scratch today. That makes The Hudson an exceptionally rare historic monument – as well as thoughtfully modern residences.

Those residences have also had an unveiling of their own with the recent completion of a fully furnished Display Home. As you can see from the images, it’s an artful juxtaposition of the historic building and the modern homes. They play off one another beautifully and help to define a unique series of homes.

The homes are very well planned and make efficient use of the space. There’s ample storage within the suites, and many homes have a bonus room that could function as an office, wine room or space for oversized sports gear. The finishing is crisp with a high level of attention to detail.

The Hudson is really unlike anything else you will see in Victoria…. and perhaps in Canada.

We anticipate having an occupancy permit by late August. Completions and move-ins will start as early as late August and carry on into September of this year.

And, if that isn’t enough unveiling for you, we also opened our new Sales Office recently. It’s at the northeast corner of Douglas and Herald at 1803 Douglas Street. It’s a more compact, simpler display of the homes at The Hudson. But, all the information you could need or want is there for the asking. We even relocated our kitchen and bathroom vignettes.

While you’re in the neighbourhood visiting, you might like to take a stroll to see just how close-to-home everything is to The Hudson. In fact, The Hudson has a Walkscore of 98! ( That’s almost unheard of. The average walkscore for an address in a North American city is only 49. Chances are good that you won’t find a better walkscore in all of Victoria than The Hudson. You won’t need your car as much, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh Victoria air while you get a bit of exercise walking around your new neighbourhood. It’ll be good for the environment, and good for your health.

Team Hudson: a.k.a. Tracy & Mailo.

With The Hudson nearing completion there’s a lot to see and be excited about. And so, when we asked our sales team, Tracy and Mailo (pronounced “my-low”), to tell us their favourite things about The Hudson, they had a tough time deciding. There’s just so much to love about this place!

The good thing is that they know a lot about The Hudson, and can help you to make the right purchase decision. Here’s what they have to say:

What’s the Best thing about The Hudson?

Tracy: Location! Location! Location! Walk to China Town, theatres, shopping, and the great neighbourhood restaurants.

Mailo: Its uniqueness. The heritage look! I want to live in the old BAY!

What’s your favourite historic feature of The Hudson?

T: The beautiful refurbished windows on the heritage façade.

M: My view of the refurbished heritage pillars outside my window.

What’s your favourite new feature of The Hudson?

T: The sleek modern kitchens plus the geothermal heating (and cooling!)– it’s good for me and the environment.

M: Translucent glass sliding doors for the bedroom.

Whats your favourite home type, and why?

T: Plan 27 with skyline views in a bright open 2-level plan, 17ft ceilings, and most importantly…my dream ensuite (complete with heated floors).

M: Plan 5 is a cute, cozy suite with high ceilings. When the glass sliding doors are open, it feels much more spacious than the actual square footage! It’s a perfect size for a young person like myself!

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