Volume 27 - Summer 2018

A New Way Forward for Townline

Townline has always been known as a down-to-earth company – and it always plans to be. Recently, however, we’ve been contemplating how we’ve progressed as an organization, how our thinking has evolved, and what our future holds in the communities we build in. We decided it was time to rethink how we understand ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the public, with an exciting new brand and online look (launching soon) that speak to the Townline vision and direction. Of course, we will never move away from our core beliefs.

“During a time when the development industry in Vancouver was undergoing significant changes, what kept surfacing from customers, clients, and partners was how humble we are,” says Townline president Rick Ilich. “We’re not interested in building monuments and icons; we’re interested in building homes for people. We strive for thoughtful design, functionality, and livability for the everyday customer, rather than kudos and awards. That is what earned us the reputation of being a down-to-earth organization.”

For many years, that concept is what Townline has focused on: being down-to-earth as individuals and as a company. We wholly believe in this philosophy. Yet we began to feel like something was missing: something about our way forward.

A Fresh Perspective

The winds of change came when the Townline head office moved from our cramped space in Richmond to our contemporary, centrally located new space at Marine Drive and Cambie Street. The new office is connected to the Marine Drive SkyTrain station and all the shops and services of Marine Gateway. “It has lifted the spirit and energy of Townline,” says Rick, “which was 100 percent of the reason we did it. The staff is thrilled, and we all feel like it’s a breath of fresh air.”

At the same time, Townline is busier than ever before in the history of the company. “The markets have been strong,” says Rick, “but we’ve also been strategic in acquisitions to ensure we can continue to deliver truly great projects.”

As Townline takes on more and more exciting projects, internal changes are a natural result. “I’m excited to see the next generation of management moving up within our organization,” comments Rick. “It’s very clear that, based on the business we’re pursuing and the people we’re putting in place, we’re making a long-term commitment to the individuals within our company and to the cities we are building in.”

So the timing for a new company identity, says Rick, “just felt right.”

The Face of the Future

The new Townline brand and logo, along with the new office space and changes within the organization, are all about looking to the future. And what does the future hold for Townline? “The homes we build are continually evolving to incorporate new levels of thoughtful design,” explains Rick. “We want to continue to have a positive, meaningful impact on the cities we build in. For example, recognizing that there had not been any significant purpose-built rentals built in 30 years, we stepped up to deliver the first purpose-built rental buildings in decades in Victoria, Richmond, and Cloverdale, identifying a need in the market and striving to fulfill it. We feel good about that – and we’ll do more of it.”

“Our influence in the city can also be seen in our work with our sister company, TL Housing Solutions, helping the province and the cities provide much-needed alternative housing,” he continues. “We are proud to be an industry leader there.”

The Townline Way

Townline will always be down-to-earth, but we have shifted our focus to identify and embrace what really makes us stand apart: we’re calling it “The Townline Way.” Yes, the Townline Way is grounded. But it is also more than that.

The Townline Way is quality and lifestyle. Townline builds to enrich the life within the walls and elevate the communities at large with meaningful details that matter in people’s lives. “We work hard at building mindful living experiences into each of our homes,” notes Rick. “We ensure our floorplans and amenities are really the best they can be. But it’s also the little things that become relevant once our customer is actually living there, like shower or bathtub niches for convenient storage options, and oversized kitchen islands (the “Townline island”) with storage space, USB charging ports and integrated seating areas for up to four people; providing needed kitchen storage and a dining area. Townline doesn’t get a premium for these details, but the homeowner absolutely gets a premium in functionality, and this is how we differentiate ourselves as a ‘thoughtful’ builder.”

The Townline Way is consideration and respect. “We think of our partners and customers first,” says Rick. “We want everybody involved to be completely satisfied – with us and with our homes.” Customer care has always been a major focus, both as an extension of Townline’s human story, and as part of our commitment to relationships, which will only grow more powerful as part of Townline’s new brand and vision.

The Townline Way is about maintaining the values and character that define our company as we increase our commitment to Metro Vancouver, Victoria, Los Angeles and beyond. That means top-quality, mindful development with social consciousness. It means a continued commitment to human relationships with customer care at its core. Perhaps above all, it means caring about the longevity and vitality of the markets we build in, and the people who live there.

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