September 27, 2020

‘Variety Week’ raises $2.6 million

Variety – the Children’s Charity and Global BC are thrilled to announce that this year’s Variety Week has raised a total of $2,624,487 to help BC’s kids with special needs.

“With the generous support of British Columbians along with the incredible support of Strand Development and Townline Homes, we are now able to help 1,050 kids with special needs,” said Cally Wesson, Variety BC CEO. “Not only does this mean that we’ll able to help the kids on our waiting list but we’ll be able to help even more kids as we continue to receive requests for help. From the bottom of my heart, thank you British Columbia.”

Throughout the week’s Global BC newscasts, viewers were introduced to children supported by Variety and were able to see firsthand how their lives have changed as a result. Additionally stories were shared of children who are currently waiting to be helped by Variety.

“The outpouring from the communities across the province has just been absolutely inspiring,” said Kenton Boston, Variety Board Chair and VP National & Network News, Global News. “To see the people of British Columbia come together during a crisis to show their support for BC’s kids is phenomenal. We are truly grateful and appreciative. Thank you.”

For those who missed out, donations can still be made at or by texting “KIDS” to 45678 to make an automatic $20 contribution.

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