Volume 12 - Fall 2011

The Hudson

Home Buyers and Bloggers do some flag waving about The Hudson.

“Those that are fortunate enough to own a piece of this Victoria legacy have something to be undoubtedly proud of,” writes blogger Keira-Anne about The Hudson on her blog site,

Recently, Keira-Anne stayed at The Hudson along with her canine friend, Jordy. She writes, “The inside of the building has been renovated into smartly-appointed flats, double-height lofts and superb penthouses with all the modern amenities one would expect.”

“I was struck by the impeccable attention to detail given within the restoration. Not only was Townline able to make use of salvaged original pieces from the building when it belonged to HBC, the group combined their finds with minimalist design to create a uniquely modern image for The Hudson.”

Keira-Anne isn’t the only one raving online about The Hudson’s many virtues. One recent homeowner, Daniel Connolly posted this on our Facebook page: “Definitely do love the building even though we have only been living here for 1 week, we just love it!”

Clearly, something very special is happening at The Hudson. It’s not just about the beautifully restored building (which it is) or the smartly appointed homes (which they are). It’s about the re-creation of a neighbourhood.

Keira-Anne puts it this way, “Reflecting on my brief time staying at The Hudson, the memory that stands out most of all was simply the feeling of community I felt from the moment I walked inside. Neighbours are warm and The Hudson feels like a place to call home.”

And that sense of community is expanding with the opening of Smoken Bones Cookshack and 2% Jazz Espresso and Coffee House on the main level of The Hudson. Residents and locals get a couple of new social gathering places where they can enjoy a great meal or coffee. It’s breathing new life into The Hudson district at the north end of downtown Victoria.

Of course, there are many other great restaurants, shops and night spots close by. And, The Hudson is perfectly located for a short walk to work or a quick trip to other parts of the Capital Regional District.

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