Volume 4 - Fall 2009

10 Ways We Live Green: Townline Employees are Down to Earth

Most of us share a concern for the world we live in and want to play a role in taking care of it. We surveyed the Townline office to see what kinds of changes people have been making at home to lessen their impact on the earth. You might be surprised at just how easy some steps can be. But, this is only the beginning of the end of waste. Many more tips to come.

  • Rick I., our President, built a 600 square foot vegetable garden on the roof of his garage.
  • Greg from Construction is a backyard bee-keeper. He helps to keep rural bees healthy for pollinating crops and vegetation in his neighbourhood.
  • Sara and Vanessa from Marketing started carpooling together and are finding that the use of the highway carpool lane (and the company!) make the drive to work so much nicer.
  • Dino from Construction installed a highefficiency modulating boiler and Energy Star appliances in his new home.
  • Shannon from Customer Service refuses to buy anything with excessive packaging. She prefers to support companies that use smart, earth-friendly packaging.
  • Harvey from Accounting drives a metallic grey Nissan hybrid.
  • Debbie, Executive Assistant, home-cooks all the meals for her pup, Harley.
  • Rick B. from Construction uses solar panels to heat his pool at home.
  • Paulina from Accounting busses to work.
  • Shelby, our Receptionist, has started walking her pup, Angel, in her own neighbourhood instead of driving to a park. “Our foot and paw prints are smaller and we’ve met some really great neighbours.”

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