Volume 31 - Summer 2020

Community By Design

Interview with  Adrian Politano of ABA


We touched base with Adrian to get key insights into the exciting innovations in architecture and design happening in our cities and neighbourhoods today – plus a preview of his firm’s latest work on Townline’s new urban high-rise coming soon to Burquitlam.

Let’s Talk Collaboration

“It is often said that architecture is a team sport. That team is far larger than just the architects. Every large project is the result of months and years of collaboration by dozens of people – engineers, urban and landscape designers, interior designers, city staff, builders. It’s what makes each project unique, and always inspires new approaches.”

Tackling Challenges

“There’s always a design solution. Finding the one that satisfies a long list of requirements while also contributing to the local city fabric: that is the essence of the challenge. Navigating regulatory, physical, economic, performance and design requirements; coordinating all the players and inputs – each moment contributes to the exhilaration of finding the right design path.”

Seeking Innovation

“I like to travel, to observe architectural practice and developments to stay inspired. I’m interested in work that can capture the useful advancements and innovations of its time, but by responding to its community, site, climate, or history, the architecture will last well beyond a moment in time.”

Urban Contribution

“Our work seeks to contribute to the social realm of urban places. A building must always respond to the buildings, sidewalks, streets and community around it. We believe the connectivity of the building to its context at street level is critical – for both the people who live in it, and near it. For Townline’s North Road project, we needed to respond to the future state of this changing neighbourhood – anticipating future tower positions, park and trail connections, and ultimately ensuring the building engages with the public realm around it.”

Design from the Inside

“For North Road, we did not want indoor and outdoor living and common spaces to take a back seat to the exterior expression of the building. While no building is completely designed from inside out or outside in, North Road puts strong emphasis on the individual suites. Each home offers large balconies or terraces, with thoughtful layouts including storage and convenience features that suit the needs of today’s discerning homeowner.”

Exciting Features 

“The 45th-level lounge and roof deck are dramatic stand-outs at North Road. There is also a wonderful collection of amenities, plus great views on every level. I’m excited to see the ‘mortgage-helper’ suites that are a new flexible suite model. Along with the overall mix of home sizes and configurations, these make the development a great example of diverse housing choices that create a vibrant and inclusive addition to the neighbourhood.”

ABA & The Townline Way

“Townline is building on extensive past experience while finding new ways to innovate in the North Road project. ABA shares that interest in building on experience, getting the right people together, asking the right questions to find new and better results – that benefit everyone affected by the development, from homeowners to the community.”

A Time for Reflection

“All the reasons to embrace mixed-use planning are only emphasized by the recent global health events. Walkable neighbourhoods, housing diversity, ‘eyes on the street,’ compact urban form, public and private outdoor spaces, access to recreation and public transit – these have perhaps taken on a new prominence in our social consciousness. I feel fortunate to live in a high-rise above a grocery store, across the street from a park, amidst a number of local restaurants and businesses. I am able to meet most of my daily needs close to home and have a sense of neighbourhood support and connectedness.”

Community Is Everything

“The best part of any project is the satisfaction of seeing the building be lived in and become part of its community.” 

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