Volume 15 - Summer 2012

999 Seymour Brokenground

The ground has broken at 999 Seymour, and despite a flurry of purchasing activity, a few homes remain, starting at $327,400. Check out the floorplans—and the many innovative design features that make these apartment homes so widely loved—at, or call 604-879-9996, or email

Professional Design Tips for a Seasonal Update

As you find yourself reaching for woolly sweaters and richly-coloured scarves, think about a fall makeover for your home. Scott Trepp, of Trepp Design Inc., is the designer responsible for 999 Seymour’s brilliant interiors, and he’s shared a few simple ways to crank up the cozy atmosphere without spending a fortune.

One: Change the Palette

When the bright whites and intense colours of summer go into storage, you replace them with warmer accessories. Switch out your summery accessories, like throws, cushions, and rugs, for others in the richer, deeper colours of autumn that make us feel homey. “It can be as simple as changing an area rug,” Scott says. “That can change your entire room.”

Look to your florist or garden centre for inspiration, too. “We’re fans of fresh flowers all year-round,” he adds. “In summer, you might go for frilly white flowers and bright colours. When fall comes we look more to plantings, like succulents.”

Two: Change the Lighting

Autumn’s light is muted—especially here on the frequently grey-skied coast—and the rich colours of your rooms will be complemented by soft, ambient lighting. Candlelight and table lamps will create a comfortable nest and a mood that’s right for spending our days and evenings indoors with books and TV.

Three: Change the Texture

Textiles should have a different texture at this time of year. That crisp white duvet cover that looked so fabulous all spring and summer can be replaced with a cream cable-knit blanket. Heavier window coverings,flannel cushions, accents of burlap, suede, wool, and shearling will all make a room feel warmer in the cool, dark season.

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