Volume 7 - Summer 2010

Down To Earth Vacationing

Whether camping, staycationing, or traveling afar, here are some ideas, tips, and suggestions for how you can be more environmentally friendly this summer while vacationing:

  • To keep the carbon footprint low, stay close to home! Check out or for some great home grown holidays.
  • Look for eco friendly hotels that support the local economies. (,,,
  • Eat locally. Reduce your carbon footprint by eating food grown and caught close to home. Get some tips from: and
  • Shut down your house while you’re away – turn down thermostats, unplug any appliances with power adaptors (to reduce “vampire energy”), unplug your TV, shut down computers, etc.
  • Choose travel providers such as airlines that purchase carbon offsets so that your transportation can be “carbon neutral”.
  • Whenever possible, walk or take transit instead of cabs or driving. For green “staycations”
  • Try using reusable containers or biodegradable disposable goods such as bamboo cutlery and plates when packing to a local picnic.
  • Relax at your pool, visit the local beach, or try some hiking or trailing activities at the national parks, hiking trails and forests.
  • Check for eco spots of your community like a botanical garden or dine at an eco-friendly restaurant.
  • Use mass transit if your staycation involves traveling for few hours from your place as this might help you lower the carbon footprint.
  • Spend time in your backyard and learn what can be done to treasure your green spaces.

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